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Research, Training and Management based curriculum

  • A personnal transdisciplinar chemistry program : An attractive set of curricula which will provide the courses for the core of XLChem Master. XLChem students will select “a la carte” core scientific courses in chemistry amongst those existing in the Norman Master curricula in Organic Synthesis, Polymer and Surface, and Analysis and Spectroscopy, or Aroma Perfumes and Cosmetics.
  • Additional accreditation on entrepreneurship and innovation management by a Business School
  • Laboratoty internship : 9 months of experimental work in several laboratories and Practical training with state of the art equipment
  • Integrated Msc with financial support


Multi and Transdisciplinar chemistry program

  • Organic Synthesis curriculum (OS) and Polymer and Surfaces curriculum (PS) offering International Master’s degrees followed by an European PhD degree based on the high level Norman research laboratories of the SynOrg LabEx, or Tremplin Carnot I2C.
  • Analysis and Spectroscopy (AS) Master degree, which will be opened to continuing education in close association with the chemical industry partners (12 alternate student’s positions are targeted).
  • Aroma, Perfumes and Cosmetics Master, a differentiating Master degree toward beauty and luxury sector, which will be internationalized to attract the best international students and oriented toward PhD degrees.