Chemical, oil, pharmaceutical and food industries, polymer materials, cosmetics, formulation pharmaceutical technology, biomaterials, packaging, coating…


Positions in Industrial / private companies

Executive, project or service leader (Start-up), design or research engineer, quality engineer, consulting engineer / expert, trade engineer…


Positions in academia

Research engineer, researcher, associate professor (after three years of PhD)

The purpose of XL-Chem

The purpose of XL-Chem is to prepare a new generation of researchers in molecular and macromolecular chemistry that will transform traditional chemical and pharmaceutical industries by adding considerable value to products and helping these industries to adapt to new environmental standards. XLChem Master curriculum has been designed with the idea to prepare students for in-demands jobs. It has been built in line with the expectations of the pharmaceutical cosmetics, agrifood and energy sectors for the next years placing the training offer of XLChem as close as possible to the need of the chemical industry. XL-Chem Master and PhD curriculum will prepare students for high-level scientific and technical careers in the field of chemistry: R&D manager in industry, start-up founder, leader in academic research group, Manager of high-level analytic platforms.