Prepare the next generation of manager in chemistry

XL Chem graduate school is based on three pillars: research, training and technology transfer to industry. XL-Chem will train students to gain expertise in chemistry for living sciences but also to its business environment. XLChem students will benefit from a certified training in management with new soft skills.

Educate scientific leader

Candidates will develop an understanding of the social, legal and economic implications of the decisions that managers in chemical, pharmaceutical, luxury and related industries are required to make. They will receive excellence teaching given by international scientific academics.

Propose an individual Msc for a personal ambition

Follow your own curriculum. Individual academic tutor will guide you to organize your teaching and identify the scientific groups for your research training. These laboratory experiences in state of the art premises will help you to learn more and faster by doing, experience and by regular exposition to innovation.


In a global scientific world,  you will join an international group of students and have the opportunity to discover novel cultures and Normandy Region. A large worldwide network of research group will offer training opportunities to be exposed to different culture and communities.